Information for Parents

If you have concerns about your child’s speech and language development, I offer a free initial confidential phone discussion.

Following this, should parents wish to look for further assistance I set up an initial one to one assessment with your child at a location to suit, primarily within the home or school environment. This consultation typically lasts between 1 and 2 hours and may contain:

  • A case history discussion with the parent / carer.
  • A formal or informal assessment with the child.
  • Observations of the child.
  • Discussion and advice about further management of your child’s speech and language therapy needs.
  • A full written report with feedback and recommendations if requested.

Should further therapy be advised following this initial consultation and required by the parent or carer a series of standard therapy sessions will be agreed upon. These will typically last one hour and contain:

  • Fun activities to develop your child’s speech and language skills.
  • Demonstration of games and activities that you will be able to play with your child between sessions.
  • Feedback and discussion of progress at every session.
  • Resources given to suit your child’s needs.

Visits can also be made to your child in their educational setting in order to:

  • ​Observe how your child communicates in their setting as part of a detailed assessment.
  • Demonstrate activities / train staff to support your child.
  • Meet with you and staff to agree a plan for supporting your child.

Attendance at professional meetings to discuss your child's support and progress can also be organised. These may be annual reviews in school, progress meetings in pre-school or meetings with other professionals working with your child. It is important to note that parents will always be invited and encouraged to attend these meetings, however, if unable to attend I provide detailed feedback as to the topics discussed.

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